Hunnewell Missouri male looking to get banged by doms

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Hunnewell Missouri male looking to get banged by doms first person whom a strange: meets in landing; from shin, boat or railway car In a great city is a cabman. Of course. It is not the case with guests who are expected and are specially met by friends, but it Is the fate of every stranger who wants to get to a hotel or other destination and does not know the way and would hire a cab.

It is true there are laws regu lating the charges for hauling passen gers, but the strangers are ignorant of these laws and as they are not posted in plain view of the passenger, as is required, be becomes the victim of any rascal into whose bands he may fall. There ought to be frequent in spection of cabs to see if the law is complied with, and all failures should be severely punished.

It ts reported that many shameful extortions were practiced on strangers to the recent carnival; they are whenever there is a great Influx of visitors. A thing like this gives a city a bad name, as even the most liberal people are enraged at being swindled, and when they are swindled the first moment they set foot In a strange city, they visit on It their Indignation and condemnation. Al 3 Keeping Company. Suddenly the music stops.

Each cavalier pilots bis lady to ber seat, keeping an arm attentively about her waist and prepared dutifully to maintain the posture till the band strikes up again. Thereupon Hefty charges through the crowd, breathing out threatenlngs and slaughter. Luckily, the disappearance of bla rival precludes a "mix-up," but there Is fire In his eye as he faces Nellie and blurts, "Say, ain't you the frosty article?

The lad's rage Is a sort of proposal, the debutante's blush a sort of acceptance. He ber steady, she bis lady friend, the two bave shipped aboard that pretty, rose-tinted galleon, a short-term love-affair. Until further notice, the world may take cognizance that Hefty and Nellie are "keening company," writes R. Hnrtt, In bis character sketches In the Atlantic. Let other suitors stand aloof! With Hefty she dances the rest of the evening, "off" Hefty she consumes raspberry Ice-cream soda at the cut-price drug store during the Intermission, and It Is Hefty who sees ber borne, receiving.

In all Innocence, a good-night kiss. Froai ,trof raph. For what do you suppose Is the very choicest novelty for an Australian? Nothing more nor less than "a literary lounge," a book arcade, "where everybody Is welcome. The idea may well tickle the bookworm who browses in small, stuffy bookshops or Is absorbed Into tbe British museum, but It sounds queer to all who possess Carnegie libraries galore; while as to the Boston citizen, he simply pities anybody who hasn't a card to "bis public library. A "lit erary lounge" sounds fetching, and Is original. A five-year-old girl, who had lost eight Inches of skin by scalding, lay at the point of death, and surgeons cut a sec tion of cuticle from a pig and grafted It upon tbe wound.

Was not that bet ter than cutting skin from human be ings? Tbe outcome of the case is un certain, but It would have been equally uncertain If the contribution of cuticle bad been made by schoolmates of the unfortunate girl. The bureau of statistics of the department of commerce and labor reports that the returns at tbe close of Indicated a notable Improvement In business, with normal conditions actually shown In many cases. The situ ation bas continued to improve since. And It will not be materially affected by tbe little flurry In the stock market, although a good deal of water may be squeezed out of some swollen securi ties.

Canada continues to develop transportation facilities, especially by water. The Dominion has already spent , in deepening the channels leading from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and tbe govern ment announces that there is more to follow, la liberal encouragement of I the carrying trade Canada certainly In these sunny lays life grows re orient from the dust, a latent con sclousness of wings stirs In the buried seed, and as if from very gladness of heart the sap In the naked trees mounts upward, ever upward. Into tbe golden light. The tiny leaves, close-clasped together In tbe bud, flutter timidly apart, to grow brave ly green, and flaunt their col or on the passing breeze.

The maple tree in the yard now hears a voice out of the un seen, calling from tbe blue skies, bidding It come np higher, and gladly does It make answer In the green tsssels and shining leaves, telling of new growth and broader horizon. Out on the old arbor, tbe rough -and scraggy grapevine is sending lortn little gray tendrils, reaching farther toward heaven and away from tbe earth that hides Its foothold. How blithely does nature echo forth her yearly message to every waiting heart her meHsage of resurrection, Joyous activity, high-mounting aspiration! Her myriad voices cry through every sense, to touch and penetrate the spir it with gladness and good cheer.

New readings from the Gospel of eternal hope are seen on every side, In the growth of plant, the unfolding of leaf, the blossoming of flower.

The woods are full of these shy spring darlings- violets, dandelions, adder's tongues, spring beauties, bluebells and many a nameless wlldllng, all hurrying gayly to deck the earth and celebrate the Eastertide. Certain flowers and plants bave al ways been set apart as sacred things, and from the very dawn of history we hear of flower-decked altars and wreaths of sacrifice.

The heathen temples - were adorned with earth's fairest blossoms, scattered on the al tars, and twined around the brow of priest and acolyte. The amaranth bloomed In deathless beauty upon the Olympian heights, the myrtle was be loved of Apollo, the rose, tbe lily, the mistletoe were favorites of legend and myth. The flowers once sacred to Freya, the spring goddess of northern mythology, were chosen for their spot less purity, in form and color. And when heathen myth gave. So it Is that In every story of saint or madonna we find either tbe lily or the rose the Illy with Its fragrance, Us bending, bowing, waving bells.

One might almost a garden with flowers all named for the Virgin Mary, generally because they chance to blossom on Our Lady's days such as tbe visitation, the assump tion, ber birth, baptism, purificationThere are lady's slipper, lady's mantle, lady's fingers, lady's smock, lady's tresses.

Virgin's bower, or clematis, begins to bloom In July, the feast 'of visitation, and Is at full bloom at as sumption In August The lily was first found In connection with tbe Virgin In tbe story of her ascension to heaven, and It orig inated probably In the second century. According to this legend, It was three days after tbe burial of our Lord's mother that tbe apostles visited and opened her grave and found it filled with fragrant, spotless lilies.

Since then these matchless flowers have been called "Madonna lilies," or "flowers of the Virgin. It Is. But we see It In the faded pictures of old Italian masters and Netherland painters, msde long before the discovery of this New World. Nearly all of our great poets bave praised this flower. Chaucer and Spenser speak of It as a mystical blossom In their far-away gardens and lady's bowers.

Shskespeare It was who first said: 'To gild reflned gold and paint the lily," and these lines from one of. Milton loved the lily and always spoke of It In connection with the rose as did also Swinburne when he talks of The lilies and languors of virtue; The Hunnewell Missouri male looking to get banged by doms and raptures of vice. All made up of the my and the rose. Dear old Herrlck, that sweet singer of spring, bas one Illy thought that Is like a sigh:. But vanished man, Uke to a Illy lost, never can bloom anew Or bring hie days to see.

Shelley bas the lily in bis wonder ful garden along with his sensitive plant Wordsworth oftenpraises It Burns mentions It frequently. Tenny son has lovely lily thoughts; but our own Longfellow draws the prettiest picture of maidenhood Bears a Illy In thy hs Claire of brass can not withstand ".

One touch of that maglo wand. James Russell Lowell always comes near to the heart of things and left us more than one sweet Illy poem and al lusion, and our minor poets all tell their love for this perfect specimen of "Our 8weet Will Shakespeare" was born In April, and it was of.

April's flowers that he sang most frequently and most sweetly,? V aets a striking example. Att The golden sun cllrhbs up the sky, v The shadows flee away, Ohl wesry heart, forget to sigh: God sends the Easter Dsyl Long was that night, chill was the air And grief o'er brooded long. Yet Is the new world white and fair Uplift thine Easter songl ; The cross that bowed thee with Its weight ' By strength of prayer Is stirred. Till it shall bear thee soon or late. As wings upbear the bird. The life that thrills from star to star. And beats In leaf and stem. Is wider than the heavens are, - And blesses thee from them.

Wert thou cast down. Behold the earth in light arrayed 1 The light of deathless love.

And take the bread the Master breaks. In His triumphant hour. For those who hear, and hearing yearn. The King hsth secrets sweet; Their hearts within them thrill and burn. They wait His coming feet. Then swift the sun climbs up the skyl The shsdows flee awayl Oh! Cod sends the Easter Day! Plausible Argument Advanced by.

Youthful Tactician. Dorothy, aged eight years, was very fond of going to church, and when a severe cold. Harper's Weekly. Complete Cure by Cutlcura. About fifteen or eighteen ream aso eczema developed on top of icy band. It burned and Itched so much that I was compelled to show It to a doctor. He pronounced It ringworm. After trying his different remedies tie disease lncreaaed and went up my arms and to my legs and finally on my face.

The burning was somethingterrible.

I went to another doctor who had tbe reputation of being the best in town. He told me it was eczema. His medicine checked tbe advance of the disease, but no further.

I finally concluded to trr tbe Cutlcura Reme dies and found relief in the first trial. I continued until I was completely cured from. C Burkhart, W. Market St. Then It was that ths voice of tbe pitying turtle dove grew so plaintive that never baa it regained ita lost happy notes. Not only did the swallow perch on the cross and twitter tender words of consolation, but also In Its small, sweet wsy alleviated tbe sufferer's pain by pulling out a spine from the crown of thorns. And the stork flying' over the cross loitered on the wing to call down: "Stryk!

And In the old English garden, tori Is found the rosemary that puts forth new blossoms every Friday as though to embalm the body of tbe dead ChristWonderful Passion Flower.

Hunnewell Missouri male looking to get banged by doms

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