Other Yoga Courses

1.Hatha yoga-one month course

Course content:

Sunsalutation A+Sunsalutation B

13 Basic postures+variations

Headstand cycle
      variations:salamba sirasasana(supported headstand pose),niralamba sirasasana(unsupported headstand pose),vrischikasana(scorpion pose),oordhva padmasana(head stand lotus pose).

Shoulderstand cycle

      variations:padma sarvangasana(shoulder stand lotus pose)

      variations:karnapindasana,pashinee mudra
chakrasana(counter pose to halasana)
Matsyasana(counter pose to sarvangasana and halasana)

Forward bend cycle
baddhakonasana,upavistakonasana,janusirasasana+variations,Paschimottanasana+variations,purvottanasana(counter pose)

Backbend cycle

Twisting cycle

Balancing Cycle


Standing postures
uttitha padangustasana+variations,padahasthasana+variations,trikonasana+variations

Final Relaxation

2.Yoga Philosophy

Yoga sutras-10 classes
*Introduction to the path of yoga
*The 8 limbs of yoga-a Detailed study

Bhagavad Gita-10 classes
Detailed study of important sutras in

*Karma yoga
*Bhakti Yoga
*Jnana Yoga
*Raja yoga

3.Pranayama(Breathing techniques)-one month course

    Techniques covered:
    Natural Breathing
    yogic breathing
    Kapalabhati(frontal lobe brain cleansing breath)
    Nadi shodhana(alternate nostril breathing)
    Bhastrika(Bellows breath)
    antar kumbhaka and bahar kumbhaka(inner and outer retention)
    Bhramari(Humming breath)
    Sheetali(cooling breath)
    sheetkari(hissing breath)
    ujjayi(psychic breath)
    Bandhas(moola,uddiyana and jalandhara bandhas)

4.Backbending-one month course

Backbending asanas are postures which turn the body out to face the world.they are stimulating and extroverting,because they expand the chest and encourage inhalaltion.they are also dynamic postures which move counter to gravity and therefor require strength and energy to perform.
on a physical level the backbending asanas stretch the abdominal muscles,and tone and strengthen the muscles controlling the spinethe spinal nerves,which emerge frombetween the adjoining vertebrae,are decompressed.this has beneficial repercussions throughout the body since these nerves give energy to all the other nerves,organs and muscles in the body.
Backbending Asanas covered:  Bhujangasana,tiryaka bhujangasana,sarpasana,ardha shalabhasana,shalabhasana,dhanurasana,kandharasana,chakrasana,ardha chandrasana,utthana pristhasana,vriscikasana,grivasana,sirshapada bhumi sparshasana,ustrasana.