Basic Hatha yoga Class

A basic Hatha yoga class consists of :

Relaxation (Savasana),
Pranayama (breathing exercises),
Sun Salutation, and
13 asanas (postures). Variations of these postures are usually included, and others added according to the standard of the students.
 Sunsalutation A 
 Sunsalutation B
The 13 Basic Hatha Yoga Postures

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Headstand Cycle

details of headstand cycle

The Headstand cycle consists of the headstand(sirasasana)
Variations:legs to front and back, legs out to sidesSalamba Sirasasana(supported headstand pose),oordhwa padmasana(headstand lotus pose),vrischikasana(the scorpion)

Details of the shoulderstand cycle

The shoulderstand cycle includes the shoulderstand(sarvangasana),the plough(halasana) and the bridge(setubandhasana).variations of the shoulderstand include urdhva padmasana(upward lotus),pindasana(embryo posture).the variations for the plough include karnapindasana(ear pressure posture),the variations of the bridge include urdva dhanurasana(upward bow posture).

Shoulderstand cycle

Matsyasana‎(The Fish Posture)‎

Details of the fish

The posture is called the fish because this position fills the lungs with air,improving the ability to float in a counter position to the shoulderstand.matsyasana gives a backward stretch to the  cervical,thoracic,and lumbar regions of the spine,and expands the chest fully.

The Forward Bend Cycle

Details of the forward bend cycle

In this cycle the asanas included are the butterfly,bhadrasana,baddakonasana(bound angle pose),janusirasasana(the head to knee posture),baddha padmottanasana(half lotus forward bend) and paschimottanasana.and the counter pose purvottanasana(the inclined plane)

Backbend cycle

Details of Backbend cycle

The Backbend cycle includes the cobra(Bhujangasana),the locust-Shalabhasana(Beginner,intermediate and advanced) and the Bow(Dhanurasana-the full bow and the rocking bow).

The Half Spinal Twist - Ardha Matsyendrasana

Details of the Half spinal twist

This asana takes its sanskrit name from the great sage matsyendra,one of the first teachers of hatha yoga.After the forward and backbending of the spine the,the half spinal twist give a lateral stretch to all of the vertebrae,back muscles and hips.

Balancing Cycle

Details of Balancing cycle

The crow and peacock are excellent balancing postures that promote physical and mental balance

Standing Asanas

Details of standing postures

The Standing postures comprise of the padahasthasana(hands to feet posture),uttithapadaangushtasana(hand to big toe posture),trikonasana(triangle),parivritta trikonasana(revolving triangle),prasaritapadottanasana(intense wide leg stretch)