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Paschimottanasana - The Sitting Forward Bend

Physical Benefits Of The Asana
1.this most excellent of asanas,paschimottanasana,makes the breath flow through the sushumna nadi,rouses the gastric fire,makes the loins lean and removes all diseases
-Hatha yoga pradipika
2.Paschimottanasana gives a powerful massage and stimulates all the abdominal viscera,especially the liver and tones all digestive organs and improves digestion
intestines are regulated,peristalisis increased and constipation combated.
3.It helps to regulate pancreatic functions,which control carbohydrate metabolism and blood sugar levels,making it a valuable asana for diabetic patients
and people with hypoglycaemia
4.The entire nervous system is invigorated.
5.joints are mobilised.the spine becomes elastic and a youthful ody is maintained.
6.Regular practice helps to relieve compression of the spine and sciatica
7.It strengthens and stretches the hamstrings,lumbar and sacral regions.