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Shalabhasana- The Locust

Shalabasana Supplements and enhances the effects of bhujangasana.when the locust is performed correctly,it looks exactly opposite to the shoulderstand.The locust brings flexibility to the cervical region and strengthens the lumbar and sacral regions of the back

Physical Benefits of Shalabhasana
1.  Sluggish digestion is removed
2.  All internal organs are massaged especially the kidneys,live and pancreas
3.  It gives a backward bend to the spine and opens the chest.
4.  An increased supply of blood is brought to the neck and Throat region
5.  The biceps and deltoid Muscles of the upper arms are strengthened and given an increased blood supply.
6.  The Abdominal and Lumbar muscles are Strenghthened
7.  Lower back pain and sciatica are banished
8.  The back and shoulder muscles are strengthened
9.  Bodily heat is produced.
10. The digestive fire is increased