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Ardhamatsyendrasana - The Half Spinal Twist

This asana takes its sanskrit name from the great sage matsyendra,one of the first teachers of Hatha yoga.after the forward and backward bending of the spine,the half spinal twist gives a lateral stretch to all of the vertebrae,back muscles and hips.

Physical Benefits of the asana
1. The spinal twist helps to keep the spine elastic by retaining its side to side mobility.each vertebrae is rotated in both directions.
2. The ligaments attached to the spine get this movement as well and and so recieve a rich supply of blood
3. The lateral stretching helps to relieve lumbago and muscular rheumatism of the back and hips.adhesions in the joints caused by rheumatism are removed
4. The synovial fluid of the joints increasesand the joints become very active