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Bhujangasana - The Cobra

Physical benefits of Bhujangasana (The Cobra)

1.The arching of the spine increases flexibility,rejuvenates spinal nerves and brings a rich blood gives a backward bend to the spine(posterior curvature)
2.the spine receives a powerful backward stretch.each vertebra is pulled back and given a rich blood supply
3.bhujangasana relieves hunch back,back pain,lumbago and myalagia of the neck
4.The asana works,massages and tones the back muscles,particularly the lumbar region also stretches the thoracic region of the spine,expanding the rib cage and increasing lung capacity.regular practice of the cobra helps to relieve Asthma
6.Bhujangasana is a powerful tonic,particularly useful for women.the ovaries and uterus are is a powerful tonic which helps to relieve many utero-ovarine troubles, menstrual problems,etc. it combats, ammenorrhoea,dysmenorrhoea,leucorrhea,and other womens reproductive system disorders, however it should never be practised by pregnant women.
7.It massage,tones and strengthens both the deep and superficial muscles of the back and abdominal region.the abdominal pressure thus created combats constipation
8.the abdomen should be kept on the groundthis increases inter-abdominal pressure.all the abdominal viscera are toned
9.Bhujangasana increases bodily heat and destroys a host of ailments
10.It promotes a smoother flow of prana within the body